If you had all your stock in the free zone of Cologne and it was selling from there to your clients, would not pay any tax and your earnings would be clear (you would pay Either Brute Income, nor Earnings, nor any type of tax of any nature).

Your buyer will be able to nationalize the rapid merchandise and efficiently, and if they are goods of use, the importer will not pay even anticipation either to the Earnings, or additional I.V.A

When your competitors begin to organize newly the shipments, you will be delivering the products to your clients.

It suits for the importers to receive more goods from the free zone that from any native land.

In addition you can divide, condition your items, to realize the checks shipment or to cancel your Temporary Admissions if you wishes it, in rapid form and much more economic than with other options.

Also your supplier can autoconsignarse the merchandise without need to do no type of step in Uruguay and you will obtain commercial credit.

Consult because increasingly companies use this one system; we will inform you about these and other alternatives; in addition we have leaflets and illustrative material of the services that we offer.